Cyber Certifications That Will Enhance Your Network Security Career


Earning a security certification can help you get in to relevant Network Security Jobs. But before that you ought to know which certification course is right for you.

It is highly recommended to train self with relevant certifications as they are also compulsory in many global organizations. Listed here are top 5 Cyber Security Certification Courses that you can avail in India.

1. CISSP – Certified Information Security Professionals

CISSP is the first credential in the field and is backed by ISC2. The CISSP ensures security leaders have deep knowledge and understanding of new network threats.

Domains covered: Security and Risk Management, Asset Security, Security Testing and Assessments, Engineering, Operations, Software Development and Communications and Network Security.

2. SSCP – Systems Security Certified Practitioner

Information assurance professionals are ideal candidates for the course, who know to define, design and manage information system architecture.

Domains covered: Access Controls, Security Operations and Administration, Risk Monitoring, Incident Response, Cryptography, Systems and Application Security and Network and Communication Security.

3. CISM – Certified Information Security Manager

The certification is organization focused and promotes international security practices and recognises candidates who have the ability to merge information security program and business goals effectively.

For this course candidates must have minimum 3 years’ experience in the role of security manager and overall 5 years’ experience in IT Security Jobs.

4. CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker

The credential is suitable for candidates who want to comprehend and deal with latest security threats, advanced attack vectors, and work with latest hacking techniques, methodologies, tools, tricks and security measures.

Domains Covered: Cloud Computing, Mobile and Tablet Platforms, Shellshock, Poodle and Heartbleed, Mobile Phone Hacking, Information Security Controls, Security Laws and Standards, Addressing Operating System Threats.

5. CISA – Certified Information System Auditor

The certification showcases a candidate’s audit experience, skills and expertise on accessing vulnerabilities, report on compliances and plans effective network control in enterprises.

Candidates should have 5 years of experience in the fields of information and system auditing, security, control and assurance for the certification.


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