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How to Increase the Presence of Women in Information Technology Jobs?


While women do hold almost one half of the professional occupations in the developing countries, only 11% of the population is associated with jobs in network security. Strangely cyber security is the most demanding career at present, yet it faces a considerable lack of women talent pool!

Why There Is a Lack of Female Cyber- Security Professionals?

Without women pursuing careers in information technology, the industry is missing out half of the talent pools around the world. What’s stopping them? Maybe it’s the stereotypical image this being a male dominating industry and women would not get the same amount of recognition as the men.

Or lack of motivation, confidence and female role models could also be the other reasons behind the huge difference in network security professional’s gender population.

How Can We Increase the Presence of Women in the Industry?

Combining knowledge and eaching out to more talents could be a great start. Women who are already in the profession can guide other aspirants in choosing this path without thinking about competition. Reach out younger women, when they are in the middle or high schools through community programs and vocational trainings.

Another way to promote is by re-establishing the job descriptions. Many jobs in network security require interpersonal skills like analytical thinking, team work and communication skills and leadership skills than technical ones, where most women excel. Such cyber-security roles include director, manager, cloud robotics, GRC, compliance, analysts etc.

Positive mentorships and guidance in organizations particularly focused on women professionals in network security can help map out career paths for them. Also, networking and making use of existing resources may also be a great add-on. Women usually feel isolated when they work remotely or in corporations where their colleagues are all males. However, there are resources that exist outside of WSC as well. A little research and little bit boldness may help you to win over the hurdle of the industry.