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Cyber Security Job Opportunities


Although Cyber security is a very important and common job function, we don’t see the term often in job titles. Cyber security engineers, specialist, analysts and security architects are few common cyber security job opportunities where the terms information security, network security and cyber security is within the title.

Today we will learn more about the common jobs in this sector, the skills required for individuals to outshine as security experts, the industries that are ardently waiting for good information security professionals and expectant security trends that can cause a revolution in the jobs of IT industries.

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Skills You Require To Crack In Network Security Job Interview


One reason why our focus has extensively shifted to IT security jobs today is because apparently there is a huge gap between the demand and supply in the domain. Cyber security talent is hard to find; in fact there aren’t enough true experts. However, it’s not too late to hone your skills for Network Security Jobs because with it comes a bucket load of benefits – Best Pay Structure in IT sector, Most Invigorating Job Description and Complete Job Security.

So, if you are planning to take the leap, make sure you have the following skills by your side to crack network security job interviews;

1. You should have detailed knowledge in three or more of these;
– Open Source Applications
– Linux OS
– Microsoft Technology
– Wireless Technology
– Social Engineering
– Physical Security
– Network Implementation
– Complied and Interpreted Development Language
– Web Application Technologies
– Data Modelling and
– Telephony Technologies
2. Proficiency in Java, C++ or C and two or more scripting languages (PHP, Shell, Perl etc.)
3. Understand security issuespreciselythat are associated with different platforms
4. Ability to examine security system from a holistic view
5. Ability to comprehend System and Network Architecture
6. Expert knowledge in software security concepts, principles and practices
7. Be aware of contemporary standards, practices, methods and procedures
8. Good and efficient knowledge in hardware applications
9. Keen knowledge in writing tools to automate security and to carry out system hardening
10. Accurate analytical and technical skills
11. Be up to date on current internet vulnerabilities
12. Advanced understanding of database weaknesses, system architecture and development
13. Management skills
– Leadership skills
– Coordinate, direct, set and recommend security projects for vulnerability assessments
– Eagerness to dig into latest technologies
– Be highly adaptable
14. Capability to maintain the integrity of processes and approaches, including the expertise to carry out highly complex and confidential investigations
15. Honed soft skills – Presentation and communication skills

A Great Time to Start Your Career In Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Not very satisfied with your current job? Are you wondering where you are going in your career? If you are from Information Technology background then this is the right time to start a Career in Cyber Security. Network Security Jobs or Experts in Cyber Security are among the most sought after and highest paid professionals currently in the IT Tech domain. Demand for professionals in this field is outshining other IT jobs by a wide percentage.

The burgeoning Network Security Jobs market is expected to grow to $170 billion by 2020, so if you are seriously thinking to start a new, Cyber Security should be the best choice to begin. Not only the job is prestigious, Cyber Security professionals being the good guys, but also a career in Cyber Security will fetch you a six-figure salary, assuming you would like to be the good guy who is pitted behind the bad guys, the Cybercriminals.

More than 20,000 Network Security Jobs are unfilled and are looking for potent proficients who have the knack to be in the Cat and Mouse race. The shift in the scenario is due to the evolution of Information and Technology market where the nuisances of cybercrime including hacking, phishing, illegal data mining, terrorist activities etc. have soared sky high.

If you are already in the tech field, then crossing over the security will mean a huge bump in the pay, job security and potential upward mobility in the career. Cyber Security people can actually demand 9% and 12% (average salary premium) more than other IT and non-IT jobs respectively.

The Recent report on Job analysis tells us that there’s a massive shortage of information security skills, especially acute in Government, Finance, Retail/Wholesale, Litigation and Healthcare Industries because these organizations generally hold a vast amount of sensitive and monetizable data and hence require heavy regulatory measures to secure them.